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Dec 19, 2020

Jesse Lewis Choose Love

Scarlett Lewis

In this episode of the GIVE podcast, we are thrilled to welcome Scarlett Lewis of the Choose Love Movement.  Scarlett is an incredible woman with a heartbreaking story.  When her son, Jesse Lewis, lost his life in the Sandy Hook mass shooting, Scarlett’s life was changed forever- he was just six years old. Guided by his life and his legacy, Scarlet lives every day to deliver a compassionate curriculum into schools everywhere.

The Choose Love movement has created a new program, offered for free, to help schools, homes, and communities to help teach students of all ages how to have healthy relationships,  meaningful connections, and how to self-regulate and manage our emotions.  They believe that being able to grow through difficulty and still being able to make responsible decisions is an important life lesson that so many are lacking currently.

The program is actually modeled after a course to help returning soldiers integrate back into civilian life.  Many kids are having to face trauma, both emotionally and sometimes even physically - so this program focuses on positive psychology trauma techniques that will help these kids develop the mental clarity to express themselves.  

How to get involved with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement:

  • Visit the website and spread the word about the free resources.
  • Follow on social media
  • Donate


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You can connect with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement here:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Read the entire transcript of the episode here.