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Dec 26, 2020

In Touch

Avani, Annaiya, Torani, and Divya

On this episode of the GIVE podcast, we are speaking to four young ladies that have started their own nonprofit that is tackling teen mental health. So today I am chatting with Avani, Annaiya, Torani, and Divya.  They are the founders of In Touch, a teenage mental health nonprofit that is run out of California.  Mental health is a large issue for teenagers at the moment and In Touch is working to provide free resources and destroy the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

In Touch provides a survey to teens that matches them with the resources they need, including counseling, peer support groups, and even hotlines.  They are working closely with their local high schools to help provide what kids need to help them heal from the wounds of mental health.  In Touch is also organizing virtual workshops to help during the time of this pandemic to promote healing while still social distancing.

Communication is the key to mental health and these ladies are breaking down every door that they see to make sure everyone knows that mental health issues are not shameful- and they can be treated.    Different demographics have different views on mental health and In Touch is working hard to make sure to reach out to every group of teens to get them the knowledge that they need.

How to help In Touch:

  • Volunteer
  • Spread the word on Instagram
  • Sign up for their newsletter and share the information


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How to reach In Touch

Website | Instagram


Read the full transcription of this episode by clicking here.